Saturday, March 24, 2012

My 52 Week Project : Week 12 {white}

This Spring is going to be interesting for us as we get to know our new yard.  We moved into this house in October of last year, so we don’t really know what kind of plants and flowers we have in the yard yet.  Since Spring arrived early this year, we’ve seen some flowers starting to sprout up here and there already and are excited at what we’re seeing.  I think we might have tulips coming up, but I’m not that great with flowers.  Yes, I know what a tulip looks like, but so far the plants just have leaves, no budding of flowers yet!  I’m sure we’ll find out within the next week or so just what they are!  
This morning, when I was pondering what to capture for my theme this week - being the last day of the week and all, I looked out to our back yard and saw WHITE!!  At first glance I thought it was either daffodils or hyacinths.  I couldn’t really see the shape from inside.  So, after I put my daughter down for a nap, I grabbed my camera and headed outside to see if I was right on one of my guesses.  When I got out there,  I found that they were, in fact, daffodils.  Ha!  I was right!  ;)  The thing that threw my eyes off while I was inside, thinking they could be hyacinths, was this patch of ground cover just behind the daffodils - that I hadn’t seen until today either.  I have no idea what they’re called, but they sure are cute!  Since the daffodils weren’t really in good shape, I’m glad these guys were there, too, so I could snap a couple pictures of them - ya know, just in time to complete this week’s theme!  ‘Cause I’m a procrastinator...but you already knew that!  ;)

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