Saturday, March 31, 2012

My 52 Week Project : Week 13 {catch lights}

This week’s theme was catch lights.  Catch lights are basically “lights” in the subject’s eyes that kind of make the eyes “twinkle”.  I’m no expert on the subject, but I learned a bit about catch lights when I took Lynne Rigby’s Shooting 101 class from Clickin Moms a couple months ago.  A great way to achieve catch lights in your subject when you’re shooting inside is to have them face a window and you stand in between your subject and the window and have your back to the window.  Then the light from the window reflects in their eyes and you get that dreamy look.
These are two photos (I know, can you believe I’m submitting TWO photos ON TIME!!) of my daughter from this past week.  She is so hard to photograph because she’s always on the move...and she immediately runs when I get the camera out!  Fun stuff, I tell ya!  ;)  The first photo was achieved in the morning when the light is amazing coming in my dining room - there is a sliding glass door behind her and a large window behind me.  And, hey, she’s strapped into her highchair eating her breakfast...so she can’t run away from me!  ;)  The second photo is of her standing rightnexttome, which was a little difficult because she was so close and I was shooting with my 50mm lens.  I was sitting in a chair and she was playing with the lamp on the table next to the chair.  The catch lights in the second photo are from a combination of the huge picture window in our living room and from the lamp she was turning on.  I was surprised that the lighting worked out as well as it did in the second picture with having the two light sources.  A happy surprise!  ;)

Hoping everyone has a wonderful next week!

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