Monday, June 4, 2012

My very first flea market adventure

We’re in Minnesota this week spending time with my husband’s aunt and uncle on their 90 acre sheep farm, but I wanted to stop over and share my very first trip to the flea market with you all.  On Memorial Day weekend, I went to a flea market on the west side of the state with my daughter and my in-laws.  Although the temperature was somewhere in the low 90s that day, we had a great time and I found some fun pieces.
Here are a couple shots of the market.  It was absolutely huge and went on forever and ever!  We didn’t even see the whole thing that day!  After several hours in the hot sun, we just couldn’t take it anymore, so we eventually had to quit.  But I know I’ll be back someday!

And here is what I found at the market.  The price on the table was perfect, I just couldn’t pass it up!  And when I saw this little chair, I instantly fell in love.  The legs are just beautiful!  The seller said it was originally a vanity chair; that’s why the back is so low.  I love finding out the history behind pieces.  It makes it that much more special to me!  

This window was my first purchase of the day.  We actually already have an old window hanging above our bed, but I just really loved this one, too!  I picked it because it has those two “hangers” on the top.  Honestly, I’m not sure if they’re original or not - I don’t know what they would have been used for - but I thought it was perfect for hanging on a wall as we did in our bedroom, so I snatched it up!  

Lastly is this dresser.  A lot of furniture at the market was priced way above what I could afford - especially since I’m buying pieces to refinish, not to keep as they are.  I was getting pretty discouraged at times and figured by the time I got to a booth, all the well-priced pieces would be gone.  We walked by this booth and I saw this dresser and thought I’d pop in to see what outrageous amount they wanted for it.  To my surprise it was marked at a really reasonable price.  I was ready to buy it on the spot, but thought I’d ask if they could give me a better price on it.  No sense in paying more than you have to, right?  Well, I’m glad I asked because the seller came down $20 off the already affordable price!  I was so happy I whipped out my money and handed it over!  That thing was mine and I wanted to make it official as quickly as possible!  Haha!  

I’m so happy I went to this flea market and really had a great time looking around at everything, but I can’t tell you about my fun trip without giving a shout out to my in-laws, especially my father-in-law.  He was so sweet about hauling all my stuff to their vehicle and getting it all in there for me.  And did I mention it was over 90 degrees that day?!  Thank you Wayne and Terri for all your help!  I can’t express how much it means to me!

Nana, Papa, and Rylan at the Jenison Memorial Day parade

I can’t wait to show you the “afters” these great finds!
Take care!

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  1. What a wonderful post...thank you so much for capturing the day so perfectly! I'll be sure to share it with Wayne. I love you!

  2. i cannot wait to see the "Afters"!!! what great finds!!