Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My first piece for sale : Duck Egg Blue mirror

I’m so happy to be sharing my first for sale painted piece with you today!  It's actually a mirror with a magnetic chalkboard!  The black area that you see above the mirror is magnetic - that's a flower magnet on it (it comes off - and is not included with the mirror).  It's also a chalkboard.  So, like I have shown, you can hang the mirror in your entryway and write "welcome" on it.  Or you could even use it for notes, a menu, grocery list, whatever you want!  And, if you use magnets on it, you could use them just for decoration, like I did, or you could use them to hold notes, important receipts, etc.  

If you remember my post from a couple weeks ago, I found this mirror at a garage sale and it wasn’t all that cute.  I knew it had potential, but the finished product surpassed anything I could have imagined for it!  I’m really happy with how it turned out!
This is how the mirror looked when I bought it.  The decorative pieces above the actual mirror was the part that gave me the most concern about revitalizing this piece.  

please excuse my daughter strutting her stuff!  ;)

But then I thought about covering them up.  Couldn’t be that hard, right?  Then you wouldn't see all that craziness and it would look less dated.  And then my husband and I had a great idea.  Why not just knock them right out?  So I knocked the decorative pieces out with a rubber mallot.  It was super easy to do.  Just a couple taps and they popped right out.  Then I filled the holes with wood filler.  Lots and lots of wood filler!  All I had to do then was paint it (with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, of course!) and attach the magnetic chalkboard to the back!  Super easy!  
And if you’re wondering how I made the chalk board, well, that was super easy, too!  We bought a small piece of sheet metal from Lowe’s - which is already magnetic.  Then I covered it with a couple coats of chalkboard paint and tacked it in from the back!  Told ya, super easy!
I’m selling this magnetic chalkboard mirror for $50.  If you’re interested in purchasing it, be sure to either leave a comment below or email me at allisonhop@hotmail.com

Also, check out my new "for sale" tab at the top of my blog where I'll be adding pieces as they are ready to sell.

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