Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Just wanted to share a couple quick garage sale items I found while out with my new friends Heather and Rebecca this weekend.  We went to a ton of garage sales on Friday in South Lyon where they were having a city wide sale.  It was the first time I’d gone to so many garage sales in one day and I had a great time!

Here is a crib spring that I got for FREE!!  

This was our first stop and I saw the crib sitting out front with a free sign on it.  I really didn’t need or want the whole crib, but I had seen something cool done with a crib spring over on The Handmade Home and thought of it right away when I saw that spring.  I asked the woman if I could just have the spring and she hesitated a bit because she really wanted to “sell” it with the crib.  After several seconds she said I could just have it!  I was SO happy!  I never thought I’d even find a crib spring let alone get one for free!  I know everyone probably thinks I’m crazy, but I’m super excited about it!  (And I really hope it turns out as cool as the inspiration project did!)
My other find at the garage sales was this mirror.  

Not sure if I want to hang it this way...
...or this way.  (Don't mind my toddler strutting in the mirror reflection!)

I know, it’s a bit dated, but I think with some paint it will be a fun piece to put in our entryway!  It’s not exactly our style, but I got it for $2.00!  We can always update it with something else when I find the "perfect piece".  The lady selling it was selling everything at her garage sale for $5.00 or less!  Now that’s my kind of garage sale!  She even had a couple dressers!  It was crazy!

Alright, well that’s it on the garage sale finds.  I did get a few other things, but mostly just clothes and toys for Rylan, so I won’t bore you with those!
Check back soon to see how I’ve transformed my garage sale finds.  I’m excited to share the end results with you!

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