Friday, February 10, 2012

My 52 Week Project : Week 6 {culture}

This week’s theme was culture.  We could do anything that represented our personal culture/background, our country’s culture, etc.  I chose a baseball since it’s such a big part of American culture.  I used to HATE baseball until I met my husband.  He has loved baseball since, like, forever and over the years has gotten me just shy of obsessed with it!!  :)  I can't wait for the season to start (GO Tigers!!), but spring training hasn't even started yet, so I have a while to wait!
I got this ball at a Tigers game a few years ago.  The players were practicing on the field before the game started and one of them threw it up to me in the stands!  (My husband may or may not have caught it for me - but I'm the one that asked the player for it!)
And, guess what?  I'm a day earlier than I usually am in submitting my photo!  Go me!

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  1. I agree Alli...nice photo makes me excited for spring!