Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 52 Week Project : Week 4 {bokeh}

Week 4!
How is it week 4 already?!  Oh my!  Well, here we go!  
I just got home from a little vacation with my daughter, so please forgive my tardiness!  We had a wonderful time visiting her grandparents (my mom and step-dad) in Marco Island, FL.  It was sunny, warm, and it sure was PRETTY!  My submission this week is an image of my daughter on a boat tour at the Naples Zoo - which we went to on my birthday!  The tour, which was about 15 minutes long, visited several little islands in a man-made lake.  Each island had monkeys living on it and the driver of the boat gave us a little history about each species.  It was fun to see them and how they interact with each other.  Rylan didn’t really catch on to the fact that we were looking at monkeys, but she sure liked the water!  She so takes after me in that respect!  I love water (I just don’t like being in a swimsuit!)!
Anyway, this week’s theme is “bokeh”.  In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image.  So, the “focus” of this week’s image is not really the subject, but rather, the blurred background of the image.

Sorry if this post feels a little “choppy”!  I have a lot going on right now - like trying to keep my 16-month-old from falling down the stairs and trying to get our vacation laundry washed and put away!
I’ll be back later this week with “this week’s” theme and submission!

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