Saturday, January 21, 2012

My 52 Week Project : Week 3 {food}

Ok.  Let me first start off with telling you how much harder this 52 week project is than I thought it would be!  Oh my goodness!  I know we are given themes, but to actually take the time out of my day to get in a place where I feel creative enough to make something look halfway decent is HARD!!  And it’s only week 3!!!  Wow!  This is going to be tough!  And I’ve already thought plenty of times about quitting!  Haha!  Oh well, I’m going to stick with it for as long as I can because I really think it will benefit me in the end.  I think it will help me to be more creative on the spot instead of having everything “staged” ahead of time.  Like this week’s shot.  I had some ideas in my head about what I wanted to shoot for “food”, but as the week went on, I still hadn’t taken an photos.  Yesterday my hubby suggested we go check out the dog show.  Rylan loves dogs (so do we!) and we thought it would be fun for her to see a LOT of “ruff-ruffs” all in one place.  She really enjoyed it and even got to pet some dogs - which she loved!  Afterward, we went out to lunch at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.  I had never heard of Potbelly until we moved over to this side of the state.  It is so YUMMY and I’m so glad my hubby suggested it because I was able to get my project shot while we were there.  We walked in the door and I already had my camera in my bag (good habit to start getting in to!) and I thought “Oooh, I have the perfect idea for this week’s theme!”  I’m not THRILLED with it, but I feel like it is a definite improvement from last week!  ;)  
BTW...I am really enjoying my photography class.  This week was hard, to say the least, but things are starting to come together and that makes me feel good!  It is crazy how much I thought I knew and how much I really didn’t know!  I am so glad I signed up for this class and will never, ever, even for one second regret it!
And with that...here’s this week’s shot!  A yummy smoked ham and swiss sandwich from Potbelly!  :)

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  1. Thanks for posting your pics--it's fun to take a look at them and see the world from your perspective.